Sunday, 29 October 2017

Cat Eye or Puppy Eye feat HORIEN Eye Secret

Hello pretty, 
were you ever wonder what type of eye shapes are you or eye make up that may suite you or an image look that you want to create on that day?? Well I always think that with eye make up on, it would do enough but until I find that with contact lens on, it work even wow!! That's the secret of a pair of beautiful eyes. So what do you think on the image look above?? Are you a sexy cat eye or cute puppy eye?? No matter what type of eye shapes are you, you can create it easily and with the colour contact lens added, your eye make up will look like a pro.

Gather items needed to create your beautiful eye:- don't forget to put your eye cream first and eye primer. Standby your eye drops too. I'm using HORIEN Eye Secret Colour Contact Lens. You need contact lens casing and multi purpose solution too. Eye make up of eye shadow, eye liner, eye curler and mascara.

HORIEN Eye Secret is a 3 months disposable color contact lens with 38% of water content. Material are made from polymacon with BMW 3D wrap technology and UV blocking. The contact lens base curve at 8.7 mm and diameter at 14.2 mm. Manufacturer by YUNG SHENG OPTICAL CO LTD in Taiwan and was found in 2011. Comes with the outer cute packaging and contents of 2 sterile hydrophilic contact lenses for daily wear in buffer saline solution containing sodium hyaluronate trehalose. These lenses are to be dispensed to individual prescriptions only. I have received 5 colour contact lens of gold, green, grey, blue and pink. I'll choose 2 colour first to show you how I created the sexy cat eye and cute puppy eye.

Before eye make up and contact lens look..

The Sexy Cat Eye Look feat HORIEN Eye Secret in Gold

Before applying make up, I strongly advised you to insert contact lens first to avoid eye make up product went into the eye. To create this sexy cat eye make up look, you need to draw eyeliner wing slightly out. Choose black or darker eye shadow to create the alluring look. Last apply eye curler and mascara. I like this kind of look where it's wearable thru out the day and choosing gold colour contact lens attract eye contact to continue conversations with you.

The Cute Puppy Eye Look feat HORIEN Eye Secret in Blue 

Where else the cute puppy eye make up look you not need to draw eyeliner wing away as always, just keep it tidy within the outer V. Choose brown colour of eye liner and neutral colour of eye shadow to create this look. Blue eye is so adorable and wearing it during presentations you'll look more calm in front of the audience.

Verdicts:- First time wearing HORIEN Eye Secret contact lens, I find it's more comfortable compare to the previous brand that I have worn before. Eye of course look bigger and stunning for a small eye with minimal eye make up and it's wearable thru out the day. First time using a reusable contact lens within 3 months, I need to learn to care of these lens. While I'm not a daily wearer so 3 months usage might be quite fast. I also have some fun in choosing colour contact lens that I want to wear to create different make up look of the day. Overall it's a satisfied contact lens product to wear but wearing all day long might dry your eye too so always keep an eye drops with you. I find product pricing are affordable too. So that's all from me first and I'll see you next..

Special thanks to HORIEN Eye Secret.

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