Friday, 27 October 2017

'Look What You Made Me Do', the softer make up version featuring A: CONCEPT

When A: CONCEPT asked to make your own make up concept, I mean what do you really think of?? A: CONCEPT which is made in Korea since 2013 is a cosmetics brand  features an unique, stylish, trendy and all in one cosmetic concept that's easy to carry wherever you go. Alright, I know it's another K-beauty stuff to reveal and recently it's being so trendy and hot to go!! Let's check out more..

Feeling like Christmas is near?? I know in less than two months to go cause the packaging is so Christmasy right..consist of 1 ALL IN ONE BRIGHTENING A: CUSHION and refill plus 2 lipsticks shades. The first thought on the cushion?? It's look bulky but wait there's something unique about it..

Let's start off with their best selling products ALL IN ONE BRIGHTENING A: CUSHION. There're 2 shades available, no 21 for light beige and no 23 for natural beige so I got mine no 23. The cushion is fully filled up as you can see and moderately picked up by the puff. Perhaps of it black puff, hardly can see the amount of foundations picked up on the puff itself  however during application, I can see it's really working on by dabbing motion and it suit my skin tone very well. Contains whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection SPF 35 PA++ formula, it does help to brighten up my skin tone naturally however the coverage on a few post acne spot, it doesn't cover it well. Overall, I still find good to go with this new cushion and together with concealer to make it perfectly smooth face.

Next, comes to the lipsticks part where there're 2 shades of red available for lip and cheek. For the cheek part just use two fingers to blend it out evenly. The shades are vivid matte finished especially on the lips and it reminds me on creating a concept inspired from Taylor Swift new songs image, Look What You Made Me Do but in a softer version which I think it's easily to carry don't be shy to put on bold red lips ladies!!

Now comes to the most interesting part, did I said it earlier the cushion look bulky?? It does but when I find out there's a slot for the lipsticks pen, this two in one item are a travel friendly beauty kit to go!! Such a good concept!!

The before and after me..on my face cushion, concealer, eyebrow, cheek and lip make up on..

So where to get it?? Check out Althea website now if you like it as so far as I concern their hot selling items are usually sold out fast!! Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity to get to know A: CONCEPT brand stories well..

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