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DurianBB Park serve 'atas' style to satisfy your durian craving

Hello durian lover,

this post is all about you can eat all type of durian and if you do not know yet Malaysia is famous for this king of fruits. To be honest to eat durian as a local, we can find easily near our housing area but sometimes we are not so sure of what type of durian we are eating. So when I know there is a new spot of eating durian at KL which is DurianBB Park, I went there to check it out weather it is worth to travel far to just eat durian!! Let's see more..

So I took my sister and brother together with me to check it out together during DurianBB Park open house. We reached DurianBB Park which is located at Jalan Imbi right in the heart of KL by car pool however be mind that there are parking limitation spot near housing area. DurianBB Park is also within walking distance to the luxurious mall at Pavilion and the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) landmark. Accessibility to DurianBB Park is strategically located with availability of all public transportation services such as the MRT via Tun Razak Exchange or Bukit Bintang.

Upon arrival, I must said that this park is so well designed with the Southeast Asian tropical architectural along with the best city views of Kuala Lumpur. The DurianBB Park is so cute!! The 'pondok' like is the open air durian dining area with good ventilation so not too worry during the hot day time. Additionally there are air conditioned VIP rooms also perfect for hosting private parties in the contena style. Now let's move to the 'pondok' to dine in durian..

I'm very excited when I see so many durian around and that make me wonder where they get all the durian stock from?? DurianBB Park has their own orchard in Raub, Pahang and deliver the freshest durians 365 days a year for you to enjoy right in the heart of the city with the most affordable and reasonable prices. Alright to be honest again eating durian are not cheap even I bought near my housing area.


Now comes to the most interesting part of DurianBB Park where I said it earlier you can eat all type of durian at here in a durian tasting platter style and it is look like a Japanese sushi style..haha..super interesting right?? All the while been eating durian but I never know how to differentiate it until that day I actually really learn to eat different type of durian and each of its flavour based on the mini flag tagged. The feeling is so awesome enjoying each of the spiny oval tropical fruit containing a creamy pulp with its fetid smell .Yummm..

For your info, durian tasting platter is at RM 49 and for opening promotion until 31 March 2018 is at RM 39 only!! There are five types of durian available:- selected kampung durian, D101, D13, D24 XO, and Musang King. I also want to compliment DurianBB Park for making every small items branding into it so well such as the pillow, water bottle, paper bowl, wet tissue, tissue box..overall the ambiance, it is comfortable and cheerful experience to dine in durian in a more 'atas' way..haha..

How to eat durian?? Just pick up the durian with your fingers or wear plastic disposable glove provided but let me tell you eating with your bare hands is more delicious kind feeling however it may leave fetid smell on later if you don't might.

Learn to differentiate the durian seed also. This is common durian seed.

While this is the Musang king durian seed which is cost more expensive.

Alright others than just eating durian, DurianBB also takes pride in their myriad series of durian products with creative packaging designs. They are totally so adorable!! These products can serve as a good and memorable choice for souvenirs for friends, families, and loved ones when travelling to Malaysia. I also think that if you have tourist friends whose want to try durian, DurianBB Park could be one of the best place to recommend. Close up as below..

Durian dodol.

Duria egg roll.

Durian coffee.

Durian sweet.

Durian puree.

Durian ice cream.

Eating durian only can make you feel quite full and special thanks to Stella and DurianBB Park for the wonderful invitation. I think it's worth to come here again whenever I'm in the KL or craving for some durian taste. If you do not know Malaysian always crave for the strong flavour of food!! haha..

Good news from DurianBB Park, customers are King, just like durian! For customers who require transportation services to visit our wonderful establishment, we provide a free pick-up service from selected locations. For more details, please call +6012-678-5445.

DurianBB Park
No. 15, Jalan Kamuning, Off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 12 PM - 10 PM
Tel: + 603-2110 3475

Visit them at:
Find them on Facebook: DurianBBPark

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