Monday, 1 January 2018

Korean ID.AZ DERM Fit Mask for VERYYY sensitive skin!

Hello pretty wannabe, 
in order to have a beautiful skin let me revealed you no secret of masking. Now why face mask  is still insisted despite of so many step of skin care has applied?? Face mask contains packed ingredients for the skin to absorb and instant result can be seen!! For me, doing face mask at home kinda feeling like getting pampered in the spa at affordably.

Special thanks to ID.AZ for delivering this premium mask to me. It's my collaboration with The Butterfly Project again. Hehe.. ID.AZ DERM FIT MASK made in Korea by id Health Care Group which they're an aesthetic company that wanna takes care of your sensitive skin especially after facial reconstruction (plastic surgery). 

After skin treatment or aesthetics procedure done, your skin condition may be changed. However if you use wrong skin care or cosmetics, it makes your skin inflamed. So id claim to make the fast recovery program to a beautiful face after the facial mask applied. Let me share with you 3 type of ID.AZ DERM fit mask available.

(RM 12.90)


A mask for the powerful moisture charging with the soft skin fit sheet being adhered without any gap, it's a moisture charging, water shine mask which delivers the effective ingredients contained in the mask to the skin intact. The moisture fit formula presents the abundant feeling of moisture to the skin and it's an all in one mask of which the ingredients including panthenol, allantoin that provide the help to calm down the sensitive skin.

My impressions:- The sheet mask fit very well on my face shape and feel very soft on the skin. During masking, I can feel the moisture and the essence being absorbed throughly but it's better in the lying position to avoid it from dripping out. I think I had leave it on more than 20 minutes, yet the mask still haven't fully drying up. The after mask effect, my skin feel so hydrating, shine and calm. I  also wonder about the balance of the mask sheet essence still contain and after squeezing it out, it's still contain a lot more liquid that I applied it on my limbs. Super loving it!!

(RM 12.90)

The vitality charging mask that takes care of the skin to make it shines like a pearl. The microfiber sheet which is nice and thick with the adhesiveness is good gives the brightening effect by efficiently delivering it ingredients to the skin. 

My impressions:- The sheet mask is a way more thicker than the first one but it's still can fit my face shape very well. The white essence feel more concentrated and creamy kind on the skin. Well for this one I leave it on about 20 minutes exact time to avoid wrinkle sheet line form on the skin. The after mask result I can spot a few only of my acne scars has lighten up, yet overall look luminous and hydrated skin. So the test continue on squeezing it out, the balance of sheet mask still contain extra  concentrated liquid of essence. Awesome!!

(RM 19.90)

A mask that presents the real gold light shine on the skin. It's the luxury gold hydrogel mask that takes care of the skin to be healthy as if aesthetics was received. The gold and honey care ingredients help in exhausted skin to regain strong and healthy.

My impressions:- The hydrogel type look thick but actually you need to gently applied on the skin to avoid tearing out and it fit on my face shape. Well during masking, it does not feel that dampness like the other two but it has a cooling sensation on the skin. I also think that I had leave it on more than 20 minutes but don't worry no wrinkles sheet form. I don't know how to express this out but overall I feel luxury and very relaxing doing facial mask. After mask effect, it doesn't seem to be looking obviously but it feel deep nourished and lifted face. Good one!!

So where to get this premium mask?? at Watson store please..cause most of the times I find Watson will having promo from time to time and the last time I saw it, buy 2nd piece at RM 1/mask!! Alright do find useful from this post if you wanna try their mask. See you again, bye...

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