Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The 5 Malaysian Chinese New Year touching short video to watch (2018)

Hello everybody, 

Gong Xi Fa Chai..
Chinese New Year is just one day behind and at Malaysia, the Chinese are celebrating it with family and friends together no matter who you are cause we have mix culture here. To that matter, I find many short video are uploaded to usher this coming CNY and here I have make my compilation of most touching short video watched many times (searchable thru You Tube) cause they have the most local culturistic powerful message to carry not only just advertisement purpose. Click to watch the meaning of celebrating Chinese new year. It would definitely touch your heart again.

1) Do not forget your parents- As in Malaysia, many Chinese adults married would like to choose to build their own home but it doesn't mean you can abonded your own parents. Watch.

Credit to Starhub:- As we look forward to this Lunar New Year, let’s remember to stay close to the ones who’ve always been there for us – even as we grow up and chart our own lives. Because family is the greatest prosperity.

2)  Family reunion dinner is very important - To be honest let me tell you it's so hard to gather all family members together in a family dining nowadays and this video make me throwback when I was small it's used to be like this. Watch it.

Credit to Setia :- To us, the chopsticks represent the value of grace, strength and togetherness. Together, they find a purpose. This Chinese New Year, we wish you a wonderful joyous new year centered around love and family. Stay Together. Stay Setia. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

3) Chinese New Year means come back home - This is a real case happening in most Chinese Malaysian family especially when all their children working at another countries. Your parents may feel proud of you but they also may feel lonely too. Watch this.

Credit to Eu Yan Sang :- Never be too busy for the people you love. Spend more time with your family this Chinese New Year.

4) Learn Chinese New Year tradition - A culture that must be practice and if you still not sure about it watch this.

Credit to Malaysian Airlines :- Malaysians are rich with culture and tradition. These are the values that define who we are, as a nation and as an airline. From us at Malaysia Airlines, Happy Chinese New Year!

5) Family gathering included your pets too - I would say this video is one of my favourite to watch that include the puppy as the year of dog. Simple yet meaningful.

Credit to Air Asia :- Happy Chinese New Year! AirAsia wishes you a pawsperous year ahead :)

6) BONUS - As many video you have watched, I find this one is one of the funny genre.

Credit to Virtigo studio :- 1 Mont Kiara, CITTA Mall, Klang Parade, and Ipoh Parade proudly present a short film chronicling the familiar struggles many hardworking executives have to endure when the festive season draws near. While it is usually good to impress, sometimes simplicity remains the best.

Alright how do you find all the video that I have compile it for you?? For me Chinese New Year is a happy moment when you get to celebrate it together with your family and friends.


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