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Acne alert solution with Eucerin

I know you're still having the same annoying skin problem again, as title ACNE!! Yes acne but don't loose hope as every things does have solutions. For my case, I do have acne annoyed me on and off time but the most worried me is the post acne mark that leave forever. So let me share with you my recent experience of acne solution with Eucerin.

About Eucerin:- Eucerin is a dermatological skin care brand that launched over 100 years ago and has been leading innovation in the science of skin care. As today, this brand is one of the world's most trusted dermo cosmetics brands developed and recommended by dermatologists and backed by rigorous research.

So don't worry about this brand safety and let's see how Eucerin help in my acne solutions..

I was excited when Eucerin send me this box for 14 days acne clear challenge!! Yes I accepted this challenge and looking forward for the after result. Alright let me introduce Eucerin Proacne solution total range first.

Eucerin Pro ACNE SOLUTION is a range of derma skin care solutions developed for oily, acne prone skin. Its ingredient combinations address the 4 key factors of acne prone skin such as hyperkeratosis (disrupted skin cell shedding), seborrhea (increased sebum production), microbial colonisation (increased bacteria proliferation) and inflammation of the skin. The product range consist of:-
  1. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Cleansing Gel 200 ml/ 400 ml
  2. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Acne & Make up Cleansing Water 200 ml/ 400 ml
  3. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Scrub 100 ml
  4. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Toner 200 ml
  5. Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI Matt Fluid 50 ml for day use
  6. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Day MAT Whitening 50 ml for day use
  7. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Super Serum 30 ml
  8. Pro ACNE SOLUTION Correct & Control Cover Stick 2.5 mg
  9. Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI Clearing Treatment 40 ml for night time use (NEW & IMPROVED)

What I received from Eucerin is Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI Clearing Treatment 40 ml only..

This new moisturizer claims to reduce comedonal acne in 2 weeks without drying out skin, soothe irritation and gain healthy skin. Alright, if you have been using some anti acne products in the market, you may noticed your skin is feeling dry and irritated while clearing out break outs thus then leave acne marks. On the other hand, you can't avoid acne to pop out caused is influenced by your lifestyle, hormonal and hereditary factors. 


Eucerin Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI CLEARING TREATMENT suitable for acne, oil and even sensitive skin type as it helps to control oil, unclogs pores, visibly reduce comedonal acne and prevents acne reappearance. 

This innovations contains:-
  1. 10 % Hydroxy Complex which highly effective combination of peeling agents Glycolic, Salicyclic, and Polyhydroxy acid helps to resurface the skin, unclogs pores and remove dead skin.
  2. Salicylic Acid reduces blemishes and prevents new blemishes from appearing.
  3. Licochalcone A is from Licorice extract helps to soothe irritated skin.

How to use:- Apply once a day preferably in the evening on the well cleansed face.  Not recommended to use as day moisturizer cause this product may increase skin's sensitivity to the sun due to peeling agents ingredients, so protect yourself from the sun while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Verdicts:- I like this product packaging as it is handy in size and easy to use if compared to common moisturizer in the bulky container type. The moisturizer came in a yellow creamy texture and during  the application, it's very soluble and absorb well into the skin. Look I just need to apply at least 4 dots on my face and it is enough to cover the whole face entirely. While the smell of the product, it has some fragrant but not the awefull medicated type of smell. At the beginning of applications, I can feel a light stinging sensation occured for a seconds but as I continue using it every evening, the sensation goes away. Overall, the moisturizer leave no stickiness and most importantly no drying out feeling as claims. Regards soothing feeling as it saids, I personally doesn't feel it much either.

Warning:- If irritation persists please discontinue. Do not use for children under 10 years old. Avoid contact with eyes.

Now let's see before and after 14 days of acne clear challenge..

Alright just in the right timing, my acne visit me again almost every month. I have this blemishes on my left side underneath eye brow, left temple area and chin as you can see. Those blemishes goes away in 1-2 days after applications but I can't lie that I also using manual fingers popping out methods when the blemishes are ready to pop. What I observe and feel during this 14 days acne clear challenge:-
  • pores seem less unclogs
  • comedonal acne (black heads, white heads, papules) seem less visible on the nose area 
  • new blemishes still reappearing
  • clear skin still in progress
  • smoother skin still in progress
  • dark post acne marks still visible
  • less oiliness seem especially on T zone area
  • inflammatory pimples goes away after applications 
  • stinging sensation felt but no peeling effect
  • soothing effect but less sensation
  • skin feel less irritated although blemishes around
  • skin does not feel drying overnight

FYI:- Based on test conducted in Thailand with 2 cells of 80 participants each, users reported improvements from 2 weeks used and even better result at 8 weeks with 94 % agreeing that the Eucerin Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI CLEARING TREATMENT prevented new blemishes and reduced dark post acne marks while 80 % agreed it reduced whiteheads, blackheads and inflammatory pimples. Eucerin Pro ACNE used to be known as Eucerin DermoPURIFYER.

Price:- for Eucerin Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI CLEARING TREATMENT is RM 62 while the others comprehensive skin care range from RM 45 - RM 81 each. Find it at all pharmacies nationwide. 

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