Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Ginn International Showcase 2018 (a very interesting event)

Hello there, in the early August I had a chance to 'sneak' into Malaysia International Jewellery Fair (MIJF) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Alright, there was actually very strict access to the luxury event. This is my first time experience and better don't do anything wrongs (haha). So if happens in the future time again, make sure you wear proper attire (formal if possible) to enter to this luxury fair. What I see is many local and also international country showcasing their bling bling jewellery and aslo prepare money if you really want to buy ya.

During the MIJF week a very interesting event up, Ginn International Showcase 2018. But first what's all about and who is the brilliant behind this?

Ginn (the above pretty ladies) whose running the whole showcase with the international partner. Ginn is a beauty queen from Hong Kong that run many business such as her own skincare products (Ginn skin), online apparel (Ginn apparel), teaching beauty courses (Ginn academy), and showcasing talent (Ginn artistry) just like this event. These showcase are all about brands and business direction presented by the international partner.

The show started with Ginn Artistry Model Fashion Show. All pretty designer evening gowns are sponsored by Glitter Venus. The runway performance was helmed by 12 of the most prominent Malaysian Beauty Queens and local top models whose talents also earned them a Star Brand Influencers Awards presented by President, Prof John Hee from Korea.

Next show appearance, special academy aircrew uniform parade by Cabin Crew Academy KL (from Subang Skypark). Well this is my first time hearing it. The main highlight of this segment was appointed Ginn as official International Ambassador of Cabin Crew Academy KL by Founder, Captain Amin. Ginn to promote and carry the cause of elevating the aviation hospitality industry into an even nobler and socially equitable profession.

The show case continue with a series of short sharing sessions by:-

JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award by Chair person, Ms Mikasa Chong.

Art of aromatherapy for balance of feminine elegance by International Aroma and Aesthetics Associations by Founder, Ms Vicky Law from Hong Kong.

Ginn Operations Director, Mr Derrick Yong together with Mr Nicholas Pang on recounting the progression journey of Ms Ginn in Malaysia since becoming the Coffee and Tea Lifestyle Ambassador of the Best Malaysian Cafes Program 2017. (Photo at below)

Finally is the highlight of the show case, the Korean Traditional Elegance Hanbok Fashion Show by Korean Senior Models Association. While Ginn appeared in a specially designed fusion statement piece by the Korean celebrity tailors.  Ginn also again appointed as official International Ambassador of the Senior Model Association of Korea by Chairman, Mr Jo.

Alright what a long day watching Ginn show case. But for sure, Ginn is definitely a pretty woman without looking aging, super talented business woman and mother of three big boys. Some how I got inspired from her credibility and confident level. Do you? (Ginn Family photo at below)

Lastly thanks to Joanne Wee solutions for the invitation show.

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