Saturday, 4 August 2018

ViQ the fitness and fashionable brand that you can afford more

First of all congratulations again to ViQ for a huge new branch opening at Paradigm Mall last weekend. I still remembered the last time I worn their pieces is from the Pop by Jaya One. I can assure that they have a good quality of  fitness apparel, trendy designs and affordable to own for more pieces (why not right).

If you're nearby Petaling Jaya, check out ViQ new store opening at 2F, Paradigm Mall. Capturing business owner and brand ambassador during the launching. Alright, time for shopping.

ViQ has many trendy designs with many colors and size up to  3 XL to serve different market needs. So don't worry if you can't find one and start your work out soon. For me, I find many pieces that I would like to purchase it. Do you know each pieces are no way more than hundred Ringgit Malaysia!! Of course it's much more affordable if compared to big sports brand. Other than just wearing sports attire during the work out,  I also can mix and match to look sporty chic (just like the above photo) for outing and transform easily when hits gym center. That's how you can look fit and fashionable at the same time.


Common sports apparel mostly has more unisex design or size but at ViQ, I find they have design and size customized not only to female but male body structure too. So you can wear it fit to your body and less loosen during work out to ease your performance. My boyfie also get a pieces for himself too.

Finally thanks to Steven for the invitation. He is one of the brand ambassador, my gym instructor, PR and good friends too. Alright, ViQ also can be purchase online at 

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