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Come for turtles and beach shot at Resort World Kijal Terengganu

Photo credits to Mekonie

The last weekend my friends and I have so much fun filled with education blogger trip to Resort World Kijal at Terengganu and I wanted to share everything with you now. Special thanks to Resort World Genting for inviting me to witness the beautiful side of East Coast Malaysia. So if you plan for Terengganu trip and searching where to stay and what to do? Read this post first. I have include many beautiful photo captured and also many short video.

We reached Resort World Kijal Terengganu after 5 hours ride on bus. We're so surprised by the warm reception and welcome show arranged. Watch the cute girls dancer from the primary school students.

Photo credit to Marvin

Every one is hungry so we went to Restoran Kampung Meraja Bersi for lunch first. Food prepared are local delicacies of the East Coast side.

At the Restoran Kampung Meraja Bersi.

After that we went up to check in the room for freshen up. I have included a short video tour of my premier room with sea view. 

Check in time.

We also got the chance to tour around the resort. I manage to captured the beautiful and classy style of the resort interior design. Watch what other type of room available too.

For your info, Resort World Kijal, Terengganu is rated as 5 star accommodation. No doubt the classy looking and the facilities are still functional although it's already 20 years old. They also have the grand ballroom, function rooms for meetings and also you can organize a team building event too. Next what you about to watch is we're having a fun telematch activities at the beach shore. Some of the activities played in the video is a traditional games such as 'tarik upih'. We all had so much fun and laughter in the afternoon. I also managed to captured the beautiful and clean beach of the Resort World Kijal.

After a fun beach games just now, we're back to the beach shore again for our dinner at Oasis Beach Bistro. The chef prepared delicious BBQ food to enjoy while entertained by the live band. Also if you plan to dine in here come early to enjoy the sunset view.

Dinner at the beach shore.

Oasis Beach Bistro.

With Blogger buddy Sharon cheering for the night.

I love this couple beach shot with the help from Sharon.

Now come to the highlight of the day, we're going out to others beach side for turtle watching. Do you know Terengganu is famous for the turtles landing at the beach? I never know about this creatures stories until this trip thought me every things about the cycle of the turtles life.

Turtles usually arrive on Terengganu beaches from April to September are mainly the common green turtle type (Chelonia Mydas) and the occasional rare type Hawskbill turtle (Erectmochelys Imbricate). Turtles returning by instinct to the very area that they were hatched. The 7.6 km beach at the Resort World Kijal is one of these hallowed places for turtles. For about 3 months the turtle eggs will lay incubating in the sand only when the hatchlings to emerge during full moon and speed their way to ocean. In the years to come many turtle will return to the very same beach completing the cycle of life and at here this resort will be waiting to welcome them back.

Until the next day although our last night didn't get to witness mother turtle ambling up to the beach but today we're going to learn about how to help the turtle in the conservation efforts by the Resort World Kijal.

Sunrise view from my premier room.

The hatchery place at the Resort World Kijal.

Baby turtle are soft shell actually and going to deposit into sand.

Mr Ragu explained how baby turtle hatched and back to the sea.

Baby turtle are 4th day to release back to sea.

My first baby turtle on hand and I'm feeling happy and sad to let you go.

Do you know from 1000 baby turtle back to the sea only 1 can  survive until adulthood. Photo credit to Marvin.

Resort World Kijal has a conservation programme in place to ensure the safety of both the turtles and their eggs. Regular cleanings are done to ensure the beach is safe for both turtles landing and guest activities. The resort is also working with the Terengganu fisheries department to seek official protection for the beach and to certify the guest turtles conservation programme. 

You can participate in turtle eggs planting or turtle hatchlings release sessions at RM 49 per person. While night time turtles watching at RM 70 per person which held at the resort or at the popular Turtle Sanctuary Ma Daerah Kerteh or Pantai Teluk Mak Nik Kuala Kemaman with transportation provided. You also can options for the resort 3 days 2 nights sea turtle package at RM 682 per night in Premier Seaview room (as I have share with you) including a buffet breakfast for 2 pax at Restoran Kampung Meraja Bersi and a choice of turtle hatchling release or egg planting. Please check Resort World Kijal website for updates.

There are not only the turtle focus at the resort, you can enjoy water polo in the swimming pools to an archery range and tennis courts. You also can hop on a bicycle to explore the resort surroundings or venture further out on one of the resorts exploration tours to the local fishing village and night market to search for some local flavour, firefly watching in nearby mangroves and taste of the seasonal durian trip. If you want to relax by swinging clubs, the Palma and Rimba Nines a 18 hole championship golf course is right next to the resort providing its sand based course. Just make sure you pack suitable clothes along.

Coconut tree planting.

Random shot with beach tree.

Local fishing village tour.

Ending this long post about my new experience of 2 day 1 night stay at Resort World Kijal, Terengganu. I think I'll plan to come here again to explore more. Terengganu welcome you to come for the turtles and stay long for an exciting activities to do with your family and friends.

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