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Learn healthy eating with BMS Organics X Chef Wan 2016

Healthy eating and organics food is a very popular topic to discuss about and also the most harder part to apply it in your daily life. Does it sound a like to yourself? Then, you have to continue to read this. How BMS Organics together with Chef Wan will help you to eat healthily in your diet?

BMS Organics AEON Sunway Pyramid.
BMS Organics are seen the largest organic retail chain in the Malaysia Book of Records that offers an extensive range of organic and eco friendly products. BMS organics together with Chef Wan are now on a mission to help Malaysian eat healthy and to dispel the misconceptions about healthy food.

Organics cook item is used to substitute the normal used in the cooking dishes.

A cup of almond milk.

Trying original unsweetened silk almond drink which contains no cholesterol to worries.

Chef Wan a celebrity chef and Malaysia food ambassador.
Chef Wan showing his features in the Star paper and he is already practising this healthy eating in his daily life. 

Ms Cammie Tang, a nutritionist of BMS Organics.
"Many assume organic meals must not be tasty due to common view of healthy food as unsavoury to the human plate. That is a misconception as many green organic inspired dishes can be really yummy" according to Ms Cammie Tang.

BMS Organics encourages everyone to start a day without meat in a week which I thinks is a very good idea to eat less meat for a better health. Lets join their campaign on MEAT FREE MONDAY.

Cooking demonstration by Chef Wan for recipes organic soy milk curry laksa noodles.

"We Malaysians love our lip smacking cuisines especially curry and meat but our passion for flavoursome food has become increasingly unhealthy. As a chef I take it my calling to help Malaysians develop a healthy eating culture." 

The fresh and organics ingredients to cook an organic soy milk curry laksa noodles. 

Organics cook item is used to substitute the normal used in the cooking dishes. For example, instead of coconut milk, organic soy milk is used to reduce cholesterol intake and the probability of stomach upset.

Organic soya milk curry laksa noodles.
Organic soya milk curry laksa noodles done with the savoury curry paste is made with freshly ground galangal, turmeric and dried chillies. 

Asam laksa vermicelli soup.

Asam laksa vermicelli soup with a fresh tomato, tomato puree and apple cider vinegar are used to replace dried tamarind.

Nasi lemak.

Nasi lemak is composed of wholesome brown rice seasoned with coconut oil, tasty rendang with fresh spices and protein rich organic bean-curd skin as faux meat. 

Im still in love eating my favourite choice of an organic soy milk curry laksa noodles whenever I go to BMS Organics. Im seriously telling you its so yummy.

I was so glad that I can learn more about healthy eating during an exclusive Blogger Conference at BMS Organics AEON Sunway Pyramid on 12 March 2016. 

BMS Organics is a good place to eat healthily and shop your organic products at the a same time. They have many flagship brands and also renowned others international brands too.

For more information, please visit their website at 
To connect with their facebook go to

Lastly I would like to thanks to BMS Organics, Siah Yan from Wild Brains and the staff of the day for a yummy educations.


Reaching home, immediately sharing this toasted oat germ cracker with my mum. 

This is taste so crunchy and a full healthy cracker for the evening tea with the family. 
Thank you for reading and have a healthy lifestyle.

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