Monday, 28 March 2016

Start RIGHT Brush RIGHT from NO 1 Toothbrush Brand in Japan.

   Hi everyone, can you see I smile happily behind the transparent wall. Hehe..this is because I just brush my teeth! So what's about brushing my teeth? This is because I just found out a right toothbrush on the spot to brush my teeth. Find out here with me, how you can start right now!!

Start RIGHT Brush RIGHT 
Healthy Teeth for Life
from LION Japan since 1891

I started with a assessment questionnaire and a staff assisted me. After that, from my answer, they giving a right toothbrush according to my needs. So my problems with my teeth is, I always got food that will stuck behind my teeth and I will need to brush out hard. Because of that, sometimes I do injured my gums and cause minimal bleeding. 

 A happy smiling staff.  

Find your Right One 

I gotta myself a 3D CLEAN toothbrush, a multi cleaning bristles to clean every difficult to reach part of the teeth as image above. 

 Next is the brushing time, thought I just had my brunch, this is the best time to brush it out!

What do I find from the 3D CLEAN tootbrush? 
  • The size of the brush fit in my mouth allowing to reach easily. 
  • The medium soft bristles are gentle on the gums and more flexible. 
  • The design are easy grip handle and able to reach right at the back of my teeth. This is what I like about. 
  • Less hard brushing which this is a very good point. 

Every section of the bristles specifically designed to reach every part of your teeth. Removing 63% more plaque for a thorough, effective clean.

 Dental check up time.

Received my dental check up report happily with the minimum plaque that I will need to go for cleaning in the dental clinic.

Do you know dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months.

 Do you remember this? KODOMO LION, the children oral care specialist. The cute and colourful toothbrush that I used when I was small. 

  1. HIGH CLEANING ABILITY of narrow space especially in the gum pockets to remove plaque.
  2. 40% Better clean in between teeth.
  3. 3X gentler on gums by reducing the brushing pressure by 66%.
  4. High durability on bristles. 
  5. Quick drying hydroscopic a moisture absorption property making it better in drying and superior in sanitation. 

Selling 1 piece every 1 second

For more information:
Consumer Care Hotline 1-800-880-133

Lastly, thanks to Systema, Sim Chong from Imectwork, the staff of the day for a good event. 
Thank you for reading and you should start right now to brush your teeth right with a good toothbrush.

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