Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Kiper x Master Chris experience day

Hi guys,

do you still remembered my last post about Kiper brace brand that help my back pain problem?? To rewind read the previous post at here. And just recently Kiper was having a special experience day with Master Chris at CLM, Mid Valley. Witnessing Kiper successful collaboration with Master Chris (in the photo above founder Jon x Master Chris).

Meeting Master Chris, a very well known of bone setter in Malaysia and internationally. What he does is setting your bone (you know the cracking sounds of joint and bones). With the recent collaboration, Master Chris show how to wear Kiper and exercise created to help your back pain reduced everyday.

Master Chris said with just 15 minutes a day you can relieve back pain and correct body posture at anytime and anywhere. See more at www.kiper.store .

As I have experience Kiper first generations brace earlier, I'm confident that this back brace does help my upper back posture and support my lower back especially during sitting time. Eventually when you are sitting at right posture, the back strain is lesser and back pain is reduced. Master Chris recommended to not only wearing Kiper but to do 10 exercise created to strengthen your back and shoulder muscle. Want to know how to practice it, own a Kiper set first at www.kiper.store .

With the recent success on the first gen of the brace, Kiper has upgraded the brace to even feel even better with hot and cold therapy gel pad included. Snap shot of the products as below.

During the event, I got the chance to get my bone cracks by Master Chris and his trained elite team. My bone setter is from oversea where he came purposely to learn traditional Chinese medicine method from Master Chris at Malaysia. This is my first time experience it although I'm feeling a bit nervous but the after result my body feel very good and less back strain. See more at www.clmethod.com and watch bone setting on me at below.

Alright, thanks to Kiper that help my back almost everyday while from time to time I would like to visit CLM again to get my back alignment better to prevent bad posture. Thank you for checking out this post. This post is a collaboration of Kiper x Leeyann.

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